Work Individually with Kelly Bliss

If you have a phone, you can work with Kelly!  Yes, lifestyle coaching by phone is enjoyable, productive and effective at helping you build your healthy lifestyle.  Just call or text and set up your first talk.  Then you decide how Kelly can support you.

P.S. If you live in the Philly area, we can work in person in my office.

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Group Personal Training in Philly area

Join us in my private studio for small classes.

  • Smooth & comfortable moves
  • Easy on your back & knees!
  • Workout sitting or standing
  • Easy to follow routines
  • Higher or lower intensity moves

I will show you how to change the moves JUST FOR YOU! Choose standing or sitting aerobics. Choose muscle toning done on a mat or in a chair.

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Plus Size Fitness DVDs

For now, check out my 12 size friendly workouts for those who are barely large to very large.

Coming soon:  Join me for online workouts anytime it is right for you. I will start by posting some of my existing workouts.  Later, I will post some of my classes online so you can join us.

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The first day of your next diet brings you one day closer to your next binge

Do you find that you are an emotional eater? Do you eat to celebrate, reward, distract, or when bored, angry, frustrated, etc.?

Do you find that you are an emotional dieter? Do you diet to help you feel like you have more control over your life. Do you diet or think about dieting when problems arise?

If you answer "Yes" to these questions then you might be using eating or dieting as a way of coping with emotions.

You CAN learn better ways to meet your needs. Dieting and bingeing are two sides of the same coin. If you think you might be an emotional eater or an emotional dieter, then make sure you address those issues instead of starting your next diet.


Next Steps...

Just give me a call or text.  Let's find a time to talk.  If you think I can help, we will find a way to work together that fits your location, schedule and budget.  Kelly Bliss 215-303-5391