Lifestyle Coaching by Phone or In Person

Watching your weight is an ANXIETY, not an action.™

Focus on the ACTIONS of healthy living and self-care!

We can work together for about the same cost as a co-pay:
$30 for 30 min session
$45 for 45 min session
$60 for an hour session

Size Friendly Fitness in the Philly Area

Join an existing fun & friendly group of people every Mon & Wed at 6:15pm and Sat at 10:15am

  • Body Weight Training™ (with NO JUMPING)
  • Strength and Stretch Yoga™

CALL OR TEXT TO GET LOCATION of my private studio 215-303-5391.

Plus Size Fitness at Home

For now, you can enjoy work out with me by buying your own DVD set.

Soon, I will post some of my 12 size-friendly workouts for those who are barely large to very large.  Later, I will post videos of my ongoing classes, so you can join us from anywhere.

Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Have you tried "Watching your Weight" more than a few times?

Do you need to STOP your binge eating and figure out some way to get moving? Then working with Kelly is for YOU!

This is not a diet. This is a process where you learn to:
** Eat when hungry & stop when satisfied
** Meet your emotional needs without using food

A bit shocking...
but you know it IS true...

“The first day of your next diet brings you one day closer to your next BINGE.”

STOP BINGE EATING and improve nutrition including practical strategies and emotional awareness so you can End Yo-yo Dieting for Good™

Personal Training with Kelly ... in class, on DVD, by phone and online

Reduce your arthritis pain and improve your mood with regular movement and helpful lifestyle lessons. "Ah! That felt like a massage from the inside out!" Want less pain and better moods? I will show you how to modify as needed. Pamper your knees, strengthen your back, reduce stiffness, increase flexibility and balance. Enjoy moving again!


Next Steps...

Call or TEXT so we can visit.  Let's see if I can be of help to you.  215-303-5391