Journey From Yo-yo Dieting ... to Self-care & Body Appreciation

With this process you will build your LIFESTYLE that meets your needs.  You will make peace with food and learn to live in your body.

Kelly's Story

Back in the 1980's, I recovered from bulimia and became a masters level psychotherapist and plus size fitness instructor.

I recovered from the diet trauma caused by decades with Weight Watchers®, Diet Workshop and Safe Slimming.  I resisted the eating disordered behaviors recommended by doctors and fitness trainers.

As I built my own enjoyable healthy lifestyle, I helped others do the same.  Lifestyle Watchers® was born.  Over 30 years I have been honored to witness hundreds of people cross the bridge from weight cycling body & criticism to self care & body love.

Work by Phone or In Person

As I coped with epilepsy, I started talking to my clients by phone.  It turns out that working both by phone or in person are very effective for problem solving and support.

I'm as close as your phone.

Call or TEXT me and I will get back to you.  You can choose the support you need that fits your budget... really!